Being a large manufacturer of quality coarse and fine aggregate products, Thriveni envisages the need to include concrete product manufacturing as an integral Part of the aggregate unit. Block making is our first step towards producing more innovative concrete products.

The following are the manufacturing process involved during production

  1. Mix design
  2. Mixing
  3. Compacting
  4. Curing

Mix design

The determination of optimum quantity of raw materials needed to produce concrete of desired quality under given conditions of mixing, placing and curing is known as proportioning. Physical properties of raw materials are considered while designing the mix proportion and the quantities are taken on weight basis.


The objective of thorough mixing of aggregates, cement and water is to ensure that the cement-water paste completely covers the surface of the aggregates. All the raw materials including water are collected in a concrete mixer, which is rotated for about 2 minutes. The prepared mix is discharged from the mixer and loaded immediately to the block making machine through hopper attached to the forklift.

Thorpalli Plant


Logistics department

The concrete mixer is transferred to a block making machine by forklift with hopper attachment, then the concrete is compressed and vibrated into certain forms; block will be hard when produced due to compaction and vibration. Different quantities of blocks can be made on different molds. Different molds can be placed in the block machine to make different shape and size of the blocks.


Solid blocks shall be removed from the platform after 48 hours and is covered with a polythene sheet. The polythene sheet is removed after 24 hours and the blocks are stacked in storage area and cured with water for 12 days. The Product is ready for delivery after the curing process.

Thorpalli Plant

Our Products

8" Thick Solid Block
400 mm * 200 mm * 200 mm
6" Thick Solid Block
400 mm * 150 mm * 200 mm
4" Thick Solid Block
400 mm * 100 mm * 200 mm

SL no


As per IS 2185 (- part 1 )- 2005

Thriveni values


Dimensional Tolerence

Length : +/- 5mm
width : +/- 3mm



Water Absorption


< 7%


Drying Shrinkage

< 0.06

< 0.006


Moisture Movement:

< 0.09

< 0.004


Block Density:

> 1800kg/cum

> 1800kg/cum


Compressive strength

C= 4N/sqmm, 5N/sqmm

> 5N/sqmm